Spoken Word, Blair Linne

Human DignityImage of God

God’s care for image bearers is obvious,  

Based upon the love letter He tucked into the earth He made.  

Then the cunning cobra came and caused men to question like Cain,  

Am I my brother’s keeper?  

So, people are seen as projects.  

Now it’s easy to forget what’s happening in the projects.  

We project, we project from a place of Cain rather than Christ,  

Yet place our works on a projector for all men to see. 

While we forget to see men in all their dignity.  

And these men, women, and children, crafted after their Creator,  

They are all our neighbor.  

We call ourselves Christ-like, but when will we act like our Savior? 

The Messiah became an outcast for those cast out, 

Traveled from eternity to time, then gave Himself a time-out for sinners. 

He wasn’t afraid to call us brothers.  

Says, if we love Him and are born again, then we must love one another.  

Therefore, historically, we have led the way for the least of these.  

Love led us to provide healthcare and hospitals and orphanages and education and nursing homes and leper colonies.  

And there was a small remnant of Christian abolitionists to fight against the status quo during slavery and the civil rights movement, 

And soup kitchens and speaking up for babies in the womb and leading in adoptions and foster care and caring for the poor. 

Christians, Christians have been fighting against injustice wherever it is found,  

Because we were lost. But now we’re found.  

We were the sojourner, but now we’ve been crowned. 

Reigning in a broken world, our God is sustaining,  

A kingdom that we’re anticipating.  

And although there are birth pains now, there’s justice, there’s darkness, injustice, oppression, unrighteousness now.  

We are to be the salt and light and hands and heart and feet of Jesus now until our Lord returns.  

So, don’t mistake being a sanctuary for being stationary. 

El Shaddai is the same God Hagar called, the God who sees.  

And if we follow His lead and we look at His love letter as we read, we’ll see,  

That compassion is revolutionary.