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Small Group Curriculum

Image of God Curriculum

What is Life? What is a Person? How do we demonstrate love and care toward everyone, including the outcasts, the vulnerable, and the unseen among us?


Image of God: Adults

Many of us share a desire to see life respected and safeguarded. However, it can be difficult to know how to effectively communicate the value of life and take action. Our curriculum aims to provide clarity and inspiration as we work together to stand for life.
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Coming Soon - Image of God: Kids

Engaging in conversations about the value of life with your children is essential. However, finding the right words can be tricky. Our curriculum for kids is crafted to connect with their hearts and minds, encouraging them to stand for life.

Coming Soon - Image of God: Teens

Today's teenagers are inundated with different messages regarding the significance of life, predominantly through their smartphones. Our curriculum is designed to meet teens where they are, and deliver a message that inspires them to stand for life.