Human Dignity

Who is Stand For Life?

Human Dignity

God designed us for connection. 

When we connect with God and each other, we enter into a fuller, more beautiful picture of what it means to be human. This connection opens our eyes to the indisputable and intrinsic value of every person—born and preborn, friend and enemy, citizen and foreigner. It empowers us to embrace our role in God’s redemptive story, working shoulder-to-shoulder in building a culture that champions human flourishing.

This is who we are.

Stand For Life exists to connect leaders, organizations, and influencers—those shaping and shepherding the Church in this specific culture and time—to collaborative work to engage, educate, and mobilize others to build a culture that believes everyone is made in the image of God, has inherent value and should be treated with respect.


In today’s social and political climate, conversations surrounding issues of life can be difficult to navigate. It often feels like we’re expected to choose a side or adhere to a rigid political position in order to have something worth saying. It’s easy to buy into the lie that we must either care for the preborn baby or the vulnerable mother.

As Christians with a holistic theological ethic of life, we are seeking to restructure the conversation, centering around God’s heart for every human being in every stage of life. 

Stand For Life Partners are challenging their communities and contexts to step out of rigid dichotomies to ask new questions and consider fresh perspectives so we can thoughtfully engage with scripture and each other.

When we create spaces where we can honestly discuss issues of life, we find opportunities to move forward together in building a culture of human flourishing.


Jesus said it first: the strength of our foundations has a direct impact on the lives we are able to build. Without a healthy understanding of the Image of God—how He has intentionally designed us to flourish—we cannot build lives that are holistically pro-life.

Stand For Life seeks to help the Church adopt a foundational and functional belief in the imago Dei, the fingerprint of God left on each and every person. Our events, resources, and curriculums invite you to gather in the very presence of our Creator, hearing what He has to say about created life, its value, and the responsibilities we have to it.

When our foundations are formed by Scripture’s life-affirming narrative, and we see ourselves and others through the imago Dei lens, it changes everything. 


There is someone in your neighborhood—most likely even in the pews of your church—that is considering having an abortion. There are single mothers, those who have courageously chosen to bring life into the world regardless of the consequences, struggling to put food on the table. Families are being torn apart. Children are silently suffering in foster care. Men, women, and children are being trafficked. The list goes on.

Issues of life are all around us. They’ve been pervading human existence since Genesis 3. But when we see the value in every human life, we realize that these issues point to hurting, vulnerable people who need God’s love to bring healing and hope for their hearts and lives. 

Stand For Life affirms the Church’s ability to do what it has been doing for centuries—pairing belief in human dignity with tangible action. Our goal is to come alongside individuals, churches, and organizations as they serve the vulnerable, maximizing impact, forging new paths, and building the Church.

Join the Movement

We are building a table that any Christian can sit at. Facilitating a discussion that engages issues with nuance, expects the Word of God to shape us, and challenges us to build a culture of human flourishing through tangible action.

As a collective impact alliance uniting over 100 organizations and denominations, Stand For Life proves that far more can be accomplished together than apart.

Will you join us as we Stand For Life?