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Image of God Study

God created all people in His image. This powerful, biblical truth is the starting point for the Image of God study. Through six weekly lessons, participants view life holistically and learn how to Stand For Life – loving all people well at every stage of life.

Group 12
Image of God study

Learn to Stand For Life

Image of God study equips individuals, small groups, and churches with theological, ethical, and practical tools to live out a holistic life-affirming vision and mission. A transformative resource created by Stand For Life, the Image of God study comes with video training presented by former NFL Player and philanthropist Benjamin Watson.

What is Covered:

The Image of God In Every Person
A look at what it means to be holistically life-affirming, defining terms and setting a compassionate tone that will characterize the whole study.
Image of God in Preborn Children
This lesson dives into the humanity of the preborn child and emphasizes forgiveness and mercy in light of the reality that many in our churches have experienced abortion firsthand.
Image of God in Women
This lesson considers the difficult topic of abuse and caring for women and men after an experience with abortion.
Image of God In Children
A look into the historical and biblical views of children. It shows how Jesus was radically distinct from surrounding cultures in how He treated children.
Building a Culture that Reflects the Image of God
This lesson covers a spectrum of topics around valuing all life, touching on disability, mental illness, trauma, criminal justice, and issues surrounding immigrants and refugees.
Image of God in Every Stage of Life
A look into elder care, addressing the challenging topics of euthanasia and assisted suicide with grace and gentleness.

What others are saying about the Image of God study:

Benjamin Watson
Author & Former NFL Player
The Image of God study equips Christians with theological, ethical, and practical tools necessarily to live out a truly pro-life mission and vision.
Phillip Bethancourt
Senior Pastor
Image of God study is an essential resource for pastors and church leaders seeking to cultivate a holistic pro-life vision within their congregations. Through theologically sound teachings, the curriculum equips believers to understand the sanctity of life from a biblical perspective, make ethical choices in matters of life and death, and embody Christ's compassion to become his hands and feet in the world. When we used this curriculum in our church, it had a big impact on our people. I trust that it will make a big difference in your church as well.
Jamie Ivey
Host of the podcast, The Happy Hour with Jamie, and best-selling author
In a culture that often believes that only some lives matter, the IMAGE OF GOD curriculum helps us see and believe that every person matters because we are all made in the image of God. This curriculum is for churches, small groups, Bible studies, or any other way you look deep into God's word with those around you.
Daniel Patterson
Executive Pastor
Standing for life as a witness against a creeping culture of death is at the forefront of what must be this generation’s defining public priority. The magnitude of this need is met by the mission of this great organization, and I am grateful for the great work and great team at Stand For Life.