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Stand For Life Curriculum Toolkit

God’s Word says that all people are created in the image of God. This biblical truth is the starting point for the Image of God study. Through 6 weekly lessons, participants view life holistically and learn how to Stand for Life – to love people well at all stages of life.

Below you will find the downloadable PDF of the Image of God study and Leader Guide, weekly sermon outlines, and videos of each session.

This free resource is presented by Benjamin Watson, former NFL player and co-founder of One More foundation.

Video Sessions

Week 1
Image of God in Every Person

A look at what it means to be holistically pro-life, defining terms and setting a compassionate tone that will characterize the whole study.

Week 2
Image of God in Preborn Children

This lesson dives into the humanity of the preborn child and emphasizes forgiveness and mercy in light of the reality that many in our churches have experienced abortion firsthand.

Week 3
Image of God in Women

This lesson considers the difficult topic of abuse and caring for men and women after an experience with abortion.

Week 4
Image of God in Children

A look into the historical and biblical views of children. It shows how Jesus was radically distinct from surrounding cultures in how He treated children.

Week 5
Building a Culture that Reflects the Image of God

This lesson covers a spectrum of topics around valuing all life, touching on disability, mental illness, trauma, criminal justice, and issues surrounding immigrants and refugees.

Week 6
Image of God in Every Stage of Life

A look into elder care, addressing the challenging topics of euthanasia and assisted suicide with grace and gentleness.

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